At Justechnology, we have partnered up with various technology providers in order to offer our clients the most up-to-date solutions.

Microsoft Registered Partners
XO Communications
Lava Development
IBM PartnerWorld

We also use the latest and most innovative solutions such as:


Justin has been involved in the technology field for over 8 years. With a Degree in Computer Engineering Justin understands technology in a way that helps Justechnology have an edge on new design implementations. Prior to Justechnology, Justin worked as IT consultant for a Miami-based company, taking care of their entire network and computer infrastructure. As founding member of Justechnology, Justin has been an integral part of the day-to-day business at our firm.




Chiyin is a Computer Engineer with a background in photography. This unique combination of technology and visual arts give us an advantage in the development of new forms of interactive media. With over 8 years of experience in the technology field, Chiyin has worked as an independent consultant, setting up networks for businesses in the Miami area and was also member of the IT team at a the University of Miami College of Arts and Sciences in Coral Gables, Fl. As a founder of Justechnology, he is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the firm.

Reylam Fung is a professionally trained graphics designer with ample knowledge of interactive media. He has worked as part of design teams at various publications in Venezuela , designing content layouts, magazine covers and new form of interactive media. As part of Justechnology, Reylam serves as our Creative Innovator, coming up with fresh ideas to help our customers achieve their goals.

Gustavo is an experienced Graphics Arts professional dedicated to quality control and perfecting every project that we undertake. His knowledge of this competitive and difficult profession comes from previous work in design, printing, lithography and the development of interactive media. As a member of the Justechnology team he’s a very important link between our clients and their needs. He will make sure that your need becomes reality.

The entire staff of Justechnology team is comprised of professionals. With our unique combination of Computer Engineers and Graphics Designers we are in the forefront of the digital media revolution.

Our Graphics artists have worked in numerous publications prior to joining us here.

And our technical department have the expertise and experience to provide you and your company with solutions that work.

Founded by Computer Engineers and Graphics Design professionals, Justechnology, combines creativity and technology in new ways to outfit you with the most innovative media and solutions to grow in today's competitive market.

Located in South Florida, we are at the gateway to Latin America and immerse in a melting pot of cultures, this unique environment sparkles creativity that when combined with technology produces the highest quality results for your business.

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